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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Over the Cliff?? (Stop the Government??)

GOP Congress
Having trouble understanding what is  happening in our country?  Do you want to be knowing about this debt ceiling shit.  Here is something you should know about it.  Going over the cliff will result in bringing the richest people closer to the less fortunate people in our country.. But in a bad way because people will lose a lot of money and a bad economy means less  jobs..  But the richest will suffer the most.  They sure as hell will. The GOP, forging ahead with this shit didn’t even realize that that is what would happen.  After all the work the GOP has done, with the sound bites and the disgusting crap from rear ends, like Rush Limbaugh, and others of his ilk, on the radio, and on Fox News.  Spewing out excrement as if it were something sweet, or hateful , take your choice.  All the stuff designed to make sure  the GOP voting base  votes.   If they get away with it, it will hurt everyone in the country.

This is how you can understand this debt ceiling, over the cliff part. . . . 

If YOU do not pay your bills when due, you pay a penalty.  The company sending you the bill threatens to turn your lights off, or turn your internet off, or turn off your gas, etc.  And if that ain't bad enough they not only charge you interest, they charge you a late fee too.  (They learned that trick from the credit card companies.)  And if you're not careful where you park your car, when you're a little late with the payment,  they'll take that son of a gun when you're not looking.  (Sound like the voice of experience?  Yep.)

Well, the United States government has never defaulted on a payment in the entire history of this country.  The bill comes due, we pay it.  You don't even have to send a bill or an email.  You got a US bond, you want to cash it in?  Bang, here's your money.  Its why other countries park their money in U. S. bonds.  Up to now they just stash it here, they don't even think about it.  And we pay them  interest.  Even China buys our bonds.  Trillions worth.  So, what all this cliff hanging stuff means is, we are going to pay higher interest on the bonds that are already out there..  In case this is fuzzy, we are now going to unnecessarily GIVE TO CHINA and other bond buyers, billions!!!  Yes many billions of dollars more because interest is how we pay the investors or buyers of our bonds.   And the higher the interest rate is, the more we pay, and that is JUST FOR THE BONDS THEY ALREADY HAVE.  We get nothing back.  Zippo.

Need more.

Lets take a look at a guy barely qualified to be Vice President of your local condo building, Paul Ryan, remember him?  This is the kind of guy the GOP put up to become our Vice President..  A puppet who gets paid by the string pullers.  Before he went to congress he was a working stiff while going to college.  Nothing wrong with that.  He had a good job as a waiter in a good restaurant.  After he ran for congress in 1998 and got elected, he voted for every large expenditure during the Cheney years.  His vote was a sure thing.  If the GOP government wanted to spend money or maybe raise the debt limit, Ryan voted for it every time they asked, 8 times on the debt limit.  Never against.   The size of our deficit?  Ryan helped grow it.   As a matter of fact that was how our deficit rose to be in trillion dollar numbers.  Now there's a solid conservative.  By the time he and Cheney were finished we had a deficit so large, trillion became a familiar household number.   Mr. Ryan now has a convenient memory, not a faulty one.

Thank God Obama and the Democrats retrieved control and every single year of his administration, the deficit has been reduced.  Yet who has been hollering the loudest to reduce the deficit, as if it wasn't being reduced?  You guessed it, and voters are listening to this guy?  Can you think of a more dishonest way for an official to behave?

And now because of the new Supreme Court super pac rules, if you want to become a millionaire, get elected to congress, lie like hell, do what your told and the money will come rolling in.   Yes, Paul Ryan is now a multi-multi millionaire.  An no its not all from his wife.  And so are most of your elected congressmen.    When you make a contribution to their campaigns, if you do it the right kind of way it can go straight into their pocket.  And they've make this little trick legal.  They get elected to make themsleves millionaires.  To hell with voters.  Who cares what they want?

So here's the trick on the GOP and those who have been working so hard to raise the disparity between the richest Americans and the lowest income Americans.

In other parts of the world, there is a new attack on our credit worthiness because of this cliff hanging poop.   Because of our low impending credit worthiness, China, and our other bond buyers want more interest.  Even our own rating companies may call for raising the interest rates which will cost the country even more..  And while the wealth of our country will be reduced,  think about what I said before, about the individuals who will also lose out.  You know who they are.  Not those without bank accounts or only a debit card, but those with off- shore bank accounts and credit cards galore,   And its the GOP who is making this happen.   Not by increasing the income of the middle and lowest income workers, as Obama is trying to do, but by reducing the wealth of our richest people.  Romney may have to make withdrawals from an off shore account.   Even the Koch brothers finally saw what would happen.  If it didn't hurt me and the rest of the country, I'd be laughing.  Who gives more money to the nut factor of the GOP than the Koch brothers.  And they're screaming at the thought.  (Excuse me I think they are the nut factor.) 

But hold your breath, even though more and more people in this country are figuring out what they are doing,  and are trying to pressure them to vote for raising the debt limit, its my bet the Republicans will figure out a way to shoot themselves in the other foot, especially after the debt ceiling was increased.  Without their vote.

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